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Glengarry Campground:

Our most eastern campground located less than an hour from Montreal, Glengarry demonstrates tranquility and peace in its’ purest form. The mature forest and the towering stand of old growth pine trees spreads a heavenly aroma perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and first-time campers alike. The region also boasts some of the best bass and perch fishing in Ontario. You will have the finest views of the beautiful Adirondack mountain range overlooking the tranquil shores of the St. Lawrence River.


Mille Roches Campground:

One of three campgrounds within the beautiful Long Sault Parkway, Mille Roches is comprised of two islands surrounded by a dense forest, mature trees and active wildlife. Wake up to a peaceful and serene setting that offers seclusion and privacy, perfect for campers looking to unwind and relax. Mille Roches is known for its’ popular camping cabin and has the largest sand beach on the St. Lawrence corridor. 


Woodlands Campground:

Located within the Long Sault Parkway, Woodlands is designed for campers who enjoy the hot summer sun as well as relaxing in the shade. With two beaches and spacious sites, the campground is ideal for family getaways, large groups, community events and watersports. For non-traditional campers, there is a magnificent and cozy family lodge that sleeps up to eight guests.


McLaren Campground:

The most western campground located within the Long Sault Parkway, McLaren is favoured by families and can host a large variety of campers. McLaren is known for its’ famous sunset cabins, that were named after the Lost Villages. They are the perfect place to relax after an excellent day by viewing the beautifully vivid sunsets reflecting off of the St. Lawrence River.


Farran Park Campground:

Located in Ingleside, Farran is the perfect location to spend a lovely weekend with friends and family while enjoying warm and cozy evenings around a campfire. The campground is home to many beautiful waterfront lots, as well very spacious and desired 3-service sites, perfect for recreational vehicles, camping trailers, group camping and avid cyclists.  


Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary Campground:

A nature lover’s paradise, the Bird Sanctuary is filled with abundant wildlife and over 150 various bird species. The campground is in the middle of a reserve, which allows visitors and campers to explore the sprawling hiking trails and get the chance to handfeed wild birds. The famous Robin Roose Treehouse, as well as two waterfront cabins offers an incredible camping experience you can’t find anywhere else.


Riverside-Cedar Campground:

Our largest campground, Riverside-Cedar has 301 sites and 5 cabins with various amenities perfect for all types of campers. This campground is perfect for recreational activities, watersports, boating and fishing. Guests will also have the chance to view large extravagant ships travelling through the St. Lawrence River corridor.


Brown’s Bay Campground:

The oldest of all of the Parks of the St. Lawrence, Brown's Bay was the only provincial park between Gananoque and the Quebec border before the St. Lawrence Seaway came into existence. The large beautiful beach makes this location perfect for swimming, relaxing and having relaxing picnics in the shade with friends and family. 


Ivy Lea Campground:

Located in the heart of the 1000 Islands, one of the most scenic drives in North America, Ivy Lea is known for its spectacular views, unworldly typography and beautiful waterfront cottages. This campground is also heaven for boaters and avid scuba divers. Spend your days exploring the beautiful wooded area, visiting the suspension bridge or taking a dip in the bright blue water.

Crysler Park Marina Campground:

Located right beside the Crysler Park Marina, this campground is the perfect destination for boaters and campers alike. The campground is host to large and spacious sites with charming waterfront cabins and a beach for guests to unwind on. It offers watersport and paddling rentals, great fishing, and marvelous cycling trails along the St. Lawrence River.

Beaches and Picnic Areas:

The Parks of the St. Lawrence owns and operates six magnificent golden sand beaches, all with their own unique personalities. These beaches are the perfect summer getaway if you’re looking to catch some sun, cool down in the St. Lawrence River or relax with your favourite book. 

Visit and relax on Glengarry Beach, our most eastern campground just an hour west of Montreal. You can also enjoy the weekend at Mille Roches Beach, the largest sand beach on the St. Lawrence corridor which features watersport rentals and an island themed snack bar – Or continue west and you’ll arrive to Brown’s Bay beach, located within the picturesque 1000 Island Parkway.

Camper Cabins:

Enjoy nature’s sights and sounds from the comfort of our cozy camping cabins. Offered at the majority of our campgrounds, the cabins offer you all the features of traditional camping with the luxury of a roofed accommodation. Furnished with beds, mattresses, refrigerator, microwave and your very own barbecue – you’ll be camping in style! 

Stay at the famous Robin's Roose Treehouse located within the Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary if you’re looking for your very own private beach and uniquely designed cabin. You can also stay at our acclaimed sunset cabins located within McLaren Campground, perfect for observing the gorgeous sunsets reflecting off of the St. Lawrence River.

2021 Dates of Operation

The following are the Dates of Operation for the Parks of the St. Lawrence Campgrounds and Beach Day-Use Areas for the 2021 season. Please note that operating dates are subject to change without notice.


Our Customer Service Unit is currently open from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. The phone lines will not be available on September 6.

Glengarry Campground May 21 to October 11, 2021
Long Sault Parkway

McLaren (and Hoople): May 21 to October 11, 2021

WoodlandsMay 21 to September 6, 2021

Mille Roches (and Lock 21)May 21 to September 6, 2021

Farran Park Campground May 21 to October 11, 2021
Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary Campground May 21 to October 18, 2021
Riverside-Cedar Campground May 21 to October 11, 2021
Ivy Lea Campground May 21 to October 11, 2021
Crysler Park Marina Campground May 21 to October 11, 2021
Beach and Picnic Areas
Beaches will open for weekends only (Saturday and Sunday) starting May 22 and opening all days starting June 26.
Glengarry Campground Beach and Picnic Area



Mille Roches Beach and Picnic Area


Woodlands Beach and Picnic Area


Farran Park Beach and Picnic Area


Crysler Beach and Picnic Area  
Brown's Bay Beach and Picnic Area


Parks of the St. Lawrence

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