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Take a Hike!

St. Lawrence Parks offer such a depth of experiences for vacationers that it’s no surprise stepping out for a walk or hike rates high amongst our outdoor enthusiasts.  There are more than eight kilometres of self guided hiking trails hosting close to 150 different bird species to view. Each trail you experience becomes its own unique backdrop for wildlife and botany.

A hike on the Cedar Trail is through an upland mixed forest until the trail merges with the paved bicycle path. The vegetation here is similar to that found along roadsides and in old fields. During late May and early June, watch for nesting snapping turtles. This trail is 3 - 4 kilometers. 

The Maple Trail winds through a mature upland forest dominated by sugar maple. Watch also for American beech, black cherry, yellow birch and hemlock.  A few stretches of boardwalk carry you over a temporary pond and through some low areas which is a great location for birds that enjoy a dense canopy. This trail is approximately 5 - 6 kilometers.

Redwing Trail offers so much variety along a short walk!  Two long boardwalks take you through a marsh with emergent vegetation (cattails, wild rice) and enough open water to view ducks and geese especially in the fall.  The second half of the Redwing loop is through a mixed forest with a lush understory of ferns and mosses. This trail is approximately 1 kilometer.

Dogs are not permitted on the trails. Overall, the trails are flat and not overly challenging. The Maple trail has some gentle slopes but no hills. On all trails you will encounter uneven terrain such as tree roots and rocks as the trails are not surfaced with any material. Bring your capture to capture flora and fauna at its best!

Parks of the St. Lawrence

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