Tips on How to Make Reservation

Please view the following video tutorial to help set up your account, a necessary step before you reserve a campsite.


  • PROFILE - Review and update your profile.  Create a new profile if necessary.  This will speed up the completion of your reservation.
  • LOGIN RIGHT AWAY - to speed up the completion of your reservation, we suggest that you log in right away. 
  • ICONS - Please note that we have updated our campground maps and icons.  Here are the new icons and legend:

  • MAPS – the campground maps have been updated to reflect changes to services and amenities.  The maps are a great way to familiarize yourself with the campsites and where you may wish to reserve.
    • A legend box will appear on the right hand side of the map.  To minimize this box click on the ‘hide legend’ at the top of the legend box.  You can also move the legend box with your mouse.
    • Click on the campsite icons to display information about that particular campsite.
  • POLICY CHANGES – a few changes in policy have been adopted.  Some of the highlights:
    • If you choose to change your reservation by extending your stay, a change fee will NOT apply. 
    • You can change a reservation between Parks of the St. Lawrence campgrounds for a change fee. 
  • Split payments are not accepted.  What this means is that you cannot split payment of the reservation over more than one credit card. However, you can split between a gift card and a credit card. 
  • BOOKING FOR FRIENDS?  If you have booked a reservation for yourself and one for friends and wish to use two credit cards to pay, they must be two individual reservations. 
  • CREDIT CARD - Due to high security standards which have been established to protect your personal and financial information, you will be required to also provide the 3-digit number on the back of the credit card.  Each transaction (reservation) must be paid for using one card.  If booking for friends, please remember to enter their information into the "Occupant" section as the people staying on the campsite.
  • GIFT CARDSGIFT CARD Gift Cards can be redeemed for camping, day-use or merchandise sold in the campground stores.  You can also use the gift cards to pay for online reservations.  Note:  If using for online purchases, the value of the Gift Card must be greater than the value of your online purchase.
  • CANCEL / MODIFY / REPRINT RESERVATION – to make a change to your reservation, LOGIN, select YOUR ACCOUNT, then YOUR BOOKINGS and select the reservation you wish to cancel, modify or reprint. A change fee may apply. 
  • RESERVATION DETAILS - if you wish to retrieve the details of your camping reservations or confirmation letter, go to YOUR ACCOUNT and then you can view your reservation history and details.
  • TERMINOLOGY – you will notice some changes in language used to describe the camping experience.
    • “Reserve unit” means Reserve campsite
    • “Lodging” – click lodging to find Cabins, Mini Cabins, Treehouse and Family Lodge
  • VIEW SEARCH will take you to the grid to select a campsite
  • Select a Region tab – by selecting ‘region’ (St. Lawrence Parks) you keep your search broad across all campgrounds.  This will give you the maximum choice for site type.  This is particularly useful if you are looking to book a cabin or a 50 amp site, which may not be available at all campgrounds.  Also, if you are looking for a specific site type during high season, you can quickly see what is available.
  • Select a Park tab – this tab gives you the option of choosing a specific campground for your stay and only availability at that campground will be displayed.
    • If you are flexible as to power requirements and would be interested in availability in sites with 15 amp, 30 amp or 50 amp when you select site type, select ELECTRIC from the Additional Options tab that shows site types.  By not specifying, all electrical sites will be displayed and you may make your selection.
  • TRAILER LENGTH – the drop down box will display ‘0’. This means tent.
  • USE MAP OR GRID?  If you are booking using the Grid you can add more search criteria.  For example, site type, size of trailer.  Using the Map, you are limited to the Park name, date and number of nights.  If you have a larger trailer or equipment that may not fit on many sites, it is best to use the Grid for your search. You can also refer to the PDF Map for a general overview of your desired campground. NOTE: You cannot book from the PDF Map. 
  • ERROR MESSAGES – if you are trying to book a site for MORE than 23 consecutive night stays, you will get an error message that the site is not available for the dates specified.  Parks of the St. Lawrence policies do not allow a longer than 23 night stay on the same site.
  • LANGUAGE – when you choose English as the language in your profile, this will become the language that you will be able to make reservations and receive confirmation letters, receipts etc.  If you wish to make your reservation in French, you will have to go into your Profile and change the language.  The language change will be in effect from that point forward.
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