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Trail Etiquette along the Thousand Islands Parkway

The Thousand Islands Parkway is home to a multi-use recreational trail that may be used year-round when conditions are safe to do so. The St. Lawrence Parks Commission owns the right-of-way that includes the paved recreational trail and surrounding green space.
The recreational trail is not maintained during the winter and the trail should only be used by pedestrians, skiers and those who snowshoe when conditions allow and it is safe to do so.

Trail Etiquette

Please expect minor disruptions on the paved recreational trail alongside the Thousand Islands Parkway between Conner Drive and Cross Creek Cemetery Road throughout the summer months. Questions and concerns regarding these disruptions can be directed to Michael Ostroskie of Expercom at (613) 406-1488.

Safety Message to Local Residents During Winter Months

Motorized vehicles including vehicular traffic and snow machines are not permitted on the paved recreational trail as indicated by signage along the 37 km stretch of pathway. Snowmobiles are permitted on the Thousand Islands Parkway north lane, the land north of the recreational trail. Snowmobilers are asked to follow these snowmobile safety tips, the permitted speed limit of 20 km/hr, and to slow down at residential driveways and stop at all road intersections to keep you and others safe.

Respect the Trail

Plowing the trail in the winter puts others at risk. Pedestrians and vehicles at any speed sharing the trail is a safety risk.  Plowing the trail creates unsafe conditions exposing the cleared areas to thaw and freeze cycles, resulting in icy conditions that create safety hazards for trail users and shortens the lifespan of the asphalt. The trail is already showing signs of damage from prohibited activities and vehicular traffic.
As the property owner, the St. Lawrence Parks Commission does not want the recreational trail plowed during the winter months. We ask local property owners in the Front of Yonge and Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands to refrain from plowing the recreational trail.
Only specific sections of the north lane (green space north of the paved recreational trail) may be plowed by permit holders that have applied, paid for, and who have been granted a Controlled Access Entrance Permit in order to gain safe access to their private property.
We would like to ensure the safety of the community and visitors while utilizing the trail. We ask that everyone respect the trail, the safety of its users and the sensitivity of the infrastructure.

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