Group Tours

Outdoor learning programs with activities ranging from tree identification to pond life collection are available for school classes, scouts/guides and other groups. The Friends of the Sanctuary, a group of dedicated volunteers, also arrange for interpretive and recreational programs throughout the year. The best known special events include The Spirit Walk and Waterfowl Day.

Programs and events proceed from the Visitor Centre. It is here where visitors will find maps brochures, wildlife and interpretive displays and a shop featuring nature-related books, toys and gifts. Drinks and snacks are also available.

The Sanctuary is proud of its Waterfowl management program. By maintaining appropriate breeding grounds and a migratory station for a variety of waterfowl, people can enjoy seeing wildlife in its natural habitat. We invite you to look, listen and enjoy.

Large Waterfowl Banding Program

Recoveries of waterfowl banded at the Sanctuary have been reported through the eastern seaboard states where they overwinter. Ducks and geese banded here have been recovered as far north as James Bay, as far south as Georgia, and even in Calgary. The public is welcome to watch the banding operations which usually take place between September and October.

Fall Stopover and Feeding Ground for Thousands of Canada Geese

The Sanctuary's best known customers are without a doubt the Canada Geese. In the fall corn is spread in large areas next to the Visitor's Centre. The feeding program operates daily at 2:30 from mid-September to the last Sunday in October. 

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